• Apr 8, 2020

    Decade 77-87 - a grown up disco: new wave, punk, postpunk, goth & indie

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    On this date in 1983, BIG COUNTRY were guests on Top Of The Pops performing FIELDS OF FIRE, (April 7th 1983).

    The video here is Big Country, introduced by John Peel and performing their recently released second single, the rousing FIELDS OF FIRE with its ‘Guns of Navarone’ inspired riff.

    "It's a selection of images,” said Stuart Adamson in 1983, “thoughts on a train journey.”

    “We're not a message band though. We're happy if people want to use it as dance music, or background music or just something they can identify with."

    The song peaked at #10 in the UK singles chart and would go on to ‘introduce’ the band to the U.S.

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  • MORRISSEY and JOHNNY MARR - Data Run 1984 Apr 7, 2020

    On this date in 1984, MORRISSEY and JOHNNY MARR appeared on the TVAM show ‘Data Run’ performing a quick, acoustic rendition of THIS CHARMING MAN with school children singing the chorus, (April 7th, 1984).

    Always keen to make their TV appearances memorable, The Smiths would occasionally feature children in their performances, such as the schoolboy who accompanied them on The Tube when they performed 'Panic' in 1986.

    Other TV outings were on children's programmes, such as Data-Run (TV-AM, 1983-84) in which Morrissey is introduced by puppets before reminiscing at his former primary school and singing 'This Charming Man' with some of the pupils.

    What’s particularly apparent is that the studio teams of the day did little research on the artists interviewed, taking all sorts of things at face value, like that Morrissey's first name is 'Paul' (!) and that 'This Charming Man' is about people being charming.

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