• TALK TALK – I BELIEVE IN YOU Sep 17, 2019


    This month in 1988, TALK TALK released the single I BELIEVE IN YOU, (September 1988)

    The video here is a beautiful animation created by FRED COINCE to accompany the song I BELIEVE IN YOU by TALK TALK.

    Further examples of Fred’s highly inventive animation and photo work can be viewed here:

    From 1988’s Spirit Of Eden came one of Talk Talk’s most haunting tracks, I BELIEVE IN YOU.

    Described as an "anti-heroi n song,” the song might have been personal (Mark’s brother Ed had recently died of a heroi n overdose and the powerless rage contained within the song was perhaps a reaction to this).

    However, in interview Mark refuted a direct connection to the lyrics; though he did admit “I met people who got totally fu cked up on it. Within rock music there's so much fu cking glorification of it, and it is a wicked, horrible thing."

    Notoriously, a 25-piece choir recorded for 'I Believe In You' – a performance which allegedly moved a tea-lady to tears – but Mark deemed it to be "too like The Mike Sammes Singers" and wiped it the following morning.


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  • OMD – SOUVENIR Sep 17, 2019


    On this date in 1981, OMD were on Top Of The Pops performing SOUVENIR (September 17th 1981).

    The lush, enigmatic SOUVENIR, the single that Andy McCluskey considered so heart-warming that ‘Even your Granny could fall in love with [it]’, was a fifth entry in the OMD canon that effortlessly fused experimental electronic music with a prodigious ear for melody.

    It was the first single to be released from the band’s third album, Architecture and Morality, and peaked at #3 in the UK charts.

    With chords inspired by the slowed-down sound of a choir tuning up, the song relied on minimal lyrical content and chorus, replaced by a distant keyboard melody.

    The choral drone, staying for the entire three and a half minutes, like the hum of machinery, gave the track a quiet and meditative quality.

    Like Enola Gay and Joan of Arc, Souvenir had a melody that was soaring, achingly beautiful, something that shone out beyond the intellectual elements.

    Perhaps OMD at their most radiant.


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    This month in 1981, THE UNDERTONES released the 7” promo single WHEN SATURDAY COMES, (September 1981)

    The video here is WHEN SATURDAY COMES, a menacing exercise in psychedelic pop surrealism which later inspired a soccer fanzine of the same name. It’s accompanied by scenes from the film of the same name, the 1996 British film about a factory worker who gets scouted, firstly by the well-known non-league side Hallam F.C. and then later by Sheffield United Football Club, and starring Sean Bean and Emily Lloyd.

    “Often disputed this one, but it does exists,” states
    “ When Saturday Comes was never commercially released as a single in the UK – it only appeared as this promo only item. The B side features two of the band’s Sire hits; Jimmy Jimmy and My Perfect Cousin.”

    “Making this item even more desirable is the custom promo picture sleeve, which uses Positive Touch style artwork in blue (not the familiar white).
    The sleeve also states Limited Edition – Not For Sale – Promotion Only.”

    “Although of UK origin, it would appear that this item was pressed for export - some copies in circulation have the push out centre missing. A sticker promoting the 1981 European tour is usually, but not always, fixed to the front of the sleeve.”

    John O’Neill said of the track, “I just put all these lines together that I thought sounded good but at the same time I wanted to give the idea of paranoia, plus it was always a big thing about the weekend being so good and I just wanted to have a song where the weekend wasn’t so good.”

    “The song sounds a bit like ‘Paint It Black’ so I tried to get away from that with an Animals kind of sound on the organ.”

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